Saturday, October 27, 2012

Debt-Free Christmas

We are having a debt-free Christmas again this year. I love the feeling of no guilt on Christmas morning. Here are a few of the ways that we are keeping Christmas debt-free: - Kohl's cash. (I give all my Kohl's cash to hubby, who uses it to ship for me, for free!) - Disney Movie Rewards. (Cashed in our rewards for a cool gift for each of the kiddos with free shipping!) - Bank Rewards Points. (Cashing these in for gift cards to use on Black Friday.) - Kids are selling things that they no longer want at Once Upon a Child to "earn" money to buy gifts for each other. - Aldi's has a great selection of toys at good prices. - Three Bags Full children's consignment sale. (This sale is one of my favorites and this year they are having a holiday clothing and toy sale here in my city.) - As always, I am hand-making some gifts. - I am using my checks from my Scentsy business to provide the gifts my kids really want. My business has been such a blessing to our family! - We are limiting our kids to only asking for 3 gifts each from Santa. We have done this every year and found it to be very reasonable. - I am using coupons to purchase household gift items like Pyrex, beauty products, etc. What is your game plan to survive the holiday? PS (For my readers, I am planning on coming back...I really miss this outlet of mine. Watch for a post per week regarding life, faith, family, and savings. I've missed you all!)