Friday, February 18, 2011

Saving Money on Medical Expenses

We've had a lot of illness lately. I think every person in out home has been on at least 2 extra prescriptions this winter. Through all of this, I've learned a few ways to save a little money on our medical.

1. COUPON - Use coupons for the pharmacy. I've been blessed with a pediatrician who keeps the Target coupons for a $10 gift card with a new Rx at his check out desk. While I can not use the gift card to pay for my prescription, I can use it for tissues, OTC meds, juice, and soup.

2. FREE FLAVORS - Take advantage of FREE flavoring for kids meds. Again at Target, they are flavoring my kids meds for FREE. I had to pay $3 per Rx for this previously. Shop around for this service. You should not have to pay for it!

3. NEGOTIATE - Did you know that you can negotiate your medical expense? I have not personally tried this, but I have a friend who has been successful at it. The trick is you have to negotiate UP FRONT and pay your portion in cash. This is very helpful for large surgery bills, delivery bills, and dental bills.

4. PREVENTATIVE CARE - I was at the dentist this week and was gain reminded of the importance of flossing. With all of the free floss that couponers can get, there is really no excuse not to take care of your pearly whites. Preventative care also includes regular check ups, exercise, good nutrition, etc. Do it. It will save you moolah and add years to your life.

- Always check the chart of the back of your bill from a hospital. Even though we have never qualified for a reduction of rates from our local hospital, we did qualify for a 50% drop from Children's hospital a few years ago. Especially if you have children, always check the chart on the back of the bill to see if your qualify for a rate reduction. Programs are available to help families.

How do you save money on your medical expenses?

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