Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saving Away

We are currently saving money like crazy for a few big projects. Because of this, my shopping has been at a minimal lately. I have; however, been forced to purchase school supplies and a few clothing items for the kiddos. I have done well with this with a) staples deals/rebates and b) target clearance clothing.

My goal for August and September is to buy minimal grocery items and use what we have so that we can keep on paying cash for these home projects that we have going on. We do have a foreign exchange student coming for 2 weeks in August, so I will have a little extra in the grocery budget there, but overall we are on a clean out spree!

A few reminders for you:
Have you entered your codes for the Cars 2/Kellogg's promotion? Earn $5 gift cards for every 4 codes.

Carnival Foods FREE Lock & Lock promotion is coming to an end. If you have stamps, its time to cash them in.

Target's toy clearance is at 50% now and should be hitting 75% this week. Watch for it and shop early for Christmas.

Have a great week!

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