Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Do & Doing Without

Many of our grandparents used this phrase to survive in life:
Use It Up
Wear It Out
Make It Do
Do Without

Today, I propose that this phrase still works today. It is much better than "Just Do It" or "Have it Your Way", financially, at least. Having peace in my life = peace in all areas, including our finances. So I will "do without" happily.

In case you think that I am just typing these words instead of living them, here are 5 things that I am currently doing without:

1. My Rainbow vacuum cleaner - the tub broke in an unfortunate accident and rather than buy a new one, we are borrowing my in-law's back-up vac for the time being.
2. A second car - the muffler needs repaired, but we are CHOOSING (note emphasis here) on waiting for the repair and just driving the other "good" car - and yes, we have been CHOOSING this since October.
3. I have not had a hair cut in over 5 months. I am now a permanent fan of the ponytail and clip.
4. My store bought laundry soap - yes, I made homemade and love it just the same.
5. Our zoo membership - I know that this is whiney, but we have seriously always had this. We don't need it, especially in this bitter cold winter. Does this mean that my kids are missing some homeschool opportunities? Yes, but we are finding new, free ones instead.

There are many, many other things that we are choosing to forego in this season of life. Is it killing us? Nope. It actually is making us more creative with our time and our money. In fact, we just spent the eve making memories by playing a card game called Princess Purple with our kids. (The oldest really needs to work on his poker face, by the way.) A nice night with memories and laughs. It is the simple things, folks.

Can you choose to "do without" something to make your financial future brighter? We all make choices; will yours reflect a (financial) life of peace or chaos?

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  1. Wonderful! We have also chosen to go with one car for right now. BUT when you are ready to fix your car there is a muffler shop (sort of) on the top of the hill on Cedar street (Across from the cemetary) they will be able to fix your muffler for significantly less than anywhere else =)
    Hang in there =)