Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

for some reason, I have Celine Dion's song "Because You Loved Me" in my head right now :)

seriously, for all of you who freely and lovingly:
  • wipe noses and bottoms
  • kiss and bandage boo-boos
  • rock babies (and preschoolers) at all hours of the night and morning
  • clip, sort, and use coupons to save money
  • drive all over creation to get to the next "enrichment class"
  • eat veggies that you don't even like to set a good example
  • set rules and consequences
  • pay allowance
  • help with homework
  • pretend that you are (fill in blank here) because they want you to for the day
  • push people on swings who can pump their own legs
  • watch endless Dinsey DVDs
  • know which Barbie came with which outfit and reclothe them regularly
  • make homemade bubbles/playdoh just for fun
  • let your jewelry and shoes be borrowed for dress up
  • teach your son how to dance
  • dance around the house like a crazy person
  • give raspberry kisses on bellies
  • pretend you are (scared/suprised/unaware) even when you aren't
  • go hoarse from reading 15 books in a row
  • sacrifice your time, wardrobe, leg shaving, etc...
  • pray for your babies until you can't think of anything else to pray about
  • clean up once, twice, everyday... for the rest of your parenting life

you all get my drift - for everything that you do - and all the other hats that you wear...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! we have the best jobs in the world, don't we? :)

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