Monday, May 31, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Memorial Day - remember freedom is never free, so find a soldier/verteran and thank him/her today!

Monday: Cookout with family (I have to take baked beans and a snack food)

Tuesday: Shepherd's Pie + Dinner Rolls

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken + Mac and Cheese + Frozen Veggies

Thursday: Tball game; eat fast (Leftovers?)

Friday: Roast Beef/Gravy + Potatoes + Carrots

Saturday: Grad party in afternoon; Pizza + Dessert (Brownies with Ice Cream?)

Sunday: Steaks on Grill + Grilled Zucchini and other Veggies

Breakfasts: Cereal, Breakfast Bars, Eggs, Bagels, Waffles

Lunches: Leftovers, Tuna Sandwiches, PB&J

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