Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, I am in Toys R Us today buying my kids "treats" for having such a successful garage sale (over $400) and getting rid of so many of their toys... Well, they decided that they wanted the rest of the Super Why Action Figures because Reagan got Princess Presto a few weeks back (with birthday money) on clearance and the rest of the set may not be there much longer. I said that I would buy them each one and they decided to pool their piggy bank monies to buy the last one. (For those of you who do not watch Super Why, we were looking for Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, and Super Why.) Sign was clearanced to 4.98. Cashier rang up 1 at 4.98 and other 2 at 5.98. When I questioned the price, you would have thought that I committed a crime. Her rationale was that the girls were 4.98 and the boys were 5.98. I suggested that we do a price check because they were all on the shelf together (and I wanted my $2, darn it!) After an eye roll, she used her walkie-talkie (renamed walkie-crabby-talkie) to ask for a price check. Guy comes back saying 4.98. She STILL insists that the boys are higher, asking him to check the shelf for another tag. God bless the guy, he still agrees with me, describes the items in great detail, and she huffs, then states, that she "will see if" she can change the price. You are darn-tootin' you can change the price! I was wondering: since when did it become an issue to question a price? Seriously, people. You are getting paid to make me happy, and, quite frankly, I was not trying to rip you off. I was right. So there.


  1. You go girl! Way to stand up for your $2!!!!

  2. Had a similar experience there, not too long ago! I had a coupon for $20 off all bicycles. I took Harrison's new bike up to the counter (Only after going home and getting the coupon after asking the assistant manager for the coupon and she responded "ohhh, that was a typo. you need to go home and print off the coupon to be able to redeem it....so i went home, printed it, and returned to toys-r-)@*&!$^-us.)
    Upon taking to the counter and handing her my coupon, she states (rudely), "That coupon is only good for bicycles...You are trying to buy a TRI-cycle. You cannot use that coupon. (Remember, I had already spoken to the assistant manager about the same thing and SHE SAW THE BIKE I WAS BUYING!) Anywhoo. She turns around and yells to the manager, in his office. "This woman is trying to use a coupon to buy a TRICYCLE when the coupon says BIcycle." He tells her, "give her the coupon." She yells back. "But she isn't buying a BI-cycle. She is buying a TRI-cycle. That's obviously NOT what the coupon was for!!" Thankfully, the manager agreed with me. I got the $20 off, but swore that I will do everything in my being to NEVER frequent that )&*$)(& store!!
    Kudos to you for stickin' up for your $2!! Better in your pocket than theirs! Right!?!?