Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Savings Fun

For FREE this summer we have:

- Participated in the library's summer reading program
- Attended a church's VBS program
- Visited local Farmer's Markets for samples and smells
- Saw 2 sets of fireworks
- Played in multiple parks
- Saw a magic show at the library
- Swam in a friends in-ground pool
- Watched a parade
- Blown many bubbles
- Attended a Home Depot kids workshop
- Played on our slip-and-slide
- Attended "Dive Into Books" at our local church
- Caught fireflies

For a DEAL this summer we have:

- Gone to an indoor water resort for 14.95/each with BOGO passes
- Visited the children's museum with our family pass
- Had ice cream dates
- Visited Sonic during happy hour for 1/2 price apple juice slushies

What have you done this summer to save?

1 comment:

  1. We've done a lot of the same! Went to our children's museum just this week, swim in the pool, go bowling with I also found out many of our local metroparks have some really cool things to do that are free. Of course, it has to be much cooler than 95 degrees for me to consider it...