Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week at Carnival - Local

I actually made a trip to Carnival foods this week! This is rare for me. I am truthfully not a fan of their door-buster coupon deals with fine print that reads "when you buy $15 in more of our expensive stuff." :) This week; however, I made an exception...

Some deals to note:

Apple Juice .88
Capri Sun 1.98
Italian Bread .98
Niagra bottled water 1.98
Hunt's Ketchup 2/$1 (wyb $10 in product)
Manwich 2/$1 (wyb $10 in product)
RC/7UP 2 liters .78
1/2 gallon milk .58 (lim 2 wyb $10)
medium eggs .28 (lim 1 wyb $10)
wheat bread .28 (lim 1 wyb $10)
eckrich bologna .78 (lim 1 wyb $10)

There is also an internet only coupon for a .99 gallon of milk (wyb $10 in product)

Always remember there are exceptions to every "rule" in this grocery game!

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