Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Toys R Us Deal Today

*I purchased Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray for 22.99.
*I pre-ordered Toy Story 3 on Blu-Ray for 5.00

-I received $10 off for pre-ordering another movie.
-I used a $10 MQ from the Disney Movie Rewards site on B&TB.

*I paid 2.99 for B&TB (plus received a free coupon booklet for purchasing.)
*I paid 5.00 for the preorder of Toy Story 3 (which will be deducted from my purchase when it becomes available.)

***Total 7.99 + tax for a blu-ray that originally costs 29.99.

+++I will also submit B&TB for the $5 Campbell's soup rebate and possibly for the $5 bagel rebate. With only one of the rebates, my Blu-Ray of B&TB is completely FREE (with an overage). That is good savings, folks! Need a Christmas gift or something new for family movie night?

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