Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beyond the Tie and Tools : Ideas for Father's Day

It would be so easy to buy the standard striped tie or a new ratchet set for Father's Day...wouldn't it? But, that would be so predictable, and so not creative. Here are a few ideas for great Father's Day gifts:

A keepsake canvas like this.

A BBQ apron and some grill tools from Dollar Tree will make a grilling Papa proud.

A coffee mug from Snapfish with a Starbucks card inside.

Car wash supplies - or better yet, gift certificates for a local car wash!

A 2-fer pass for golfing...tell him to take a buddy along.

A firepit and some hot dog sticks.

A new cooler filled with his favorite beverages.

Tickets to a pro game.

New sunglasses and flip flops.

A gift card to his favorite lunch place - what freedom to have lunch with no budget guilt!

That "thing" that he's been know what it is. In our house its a kettleball and lawn mower wheels.

Have fun surprising your Papa this Father's Day!

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