Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheap Weekends

Yes, folks, it is time for another installment of cheap weekends, Hope-Filled Home, Style.

Top Ten Things You Can Do for a Cheap Weekend This Weekend

10. ROAD TRIP - how far can you get on a tank of gas? Eat at a local restaurant while you are there.

9. Girly Night - paint your little one's nails, curl hair, take a bubble bath, watch Cinderella (while wearing tiarras) and make a memory!

8. Go Sledding - we are supposed to get snow! Take the kids sled-riding. No sled - use garbage bags!

7. International Day - cook an international meal, draw a replica of the country's flag, get festive music from the library, and make table d├ęcorations. (Example: Japanese/Chinese food, flag, music and origami.)

6. Library Lessons - have a treasure hunt in the library. Send your kids to find 5 specific type of books in the children's department. (Our favorites are: a cook book, a seasonal book, a science book, a biography, and a fun book.) Talk about why they chose each book.

5. Camp In - set up sleeping bags in the living room. Have hot dogs and microwaved smores for dinner. Tell a spooky story and sing camp songs. Look at a book of constallations.

4. Charades - teach your child the art of playing a game without a game. Play a rousing game of charades and laugh til you cry!

3. Indoor Bowling - use empty 2 liters (with stones, sand, or water) and set up your own bowling alley in your living room. Keep score on a chalboard or dry erase board.

2. Frugal Progressive Dinner - Go somewhere for appetisers (Arby's) a sandwich/entree (Subway/McDonalds), and desert (Dairy Queen or Wendy's for Frosties!)

1. Go to an outside place in the winter - think the zoo (some animals are more active in cooler temps), the park, or a walking trail (looking for signs of animals and new growth.)

Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend with the ones you love!

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