Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Freeze Me!

Go HERE to read a great article about what foods can be frozen, courtesy of Stockpiling Moms!

In addition to her list, I have also successfully frozen:

*Shredded Cheese (just pop it right in your freezer)

*Yeast (bought in bulk at an Amish store)

*Milk (pour a little off of the top first and then freeze; this is good for using in baking, mashed potatoes, freezer meals, cream soups, etc.)

*Bread (double bag it first and then freeze - yummy for French toast!)

*Bagels (thaw completely and best served toasted)

*Extra Chopped Onion & Green Pepper (when a recipe calls for 1/2, I cut the whole thing and freeze the rest in a freezer bag...this is great to throw in soups, chili, etc.)

By buying these items at rock-bottom prices and freezing them for your stockpile, you will substantially save on your overall grocery budget. The only trick is that you have to REMEMBER to use them! :)

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