Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Look at the Why Behind the Journey - Modified Repost

I think that today may be a good day to remind myself why I am couponing and saving...

1. I want to honor God with my finances by tithing and GIVING on top of my tithe.

2. I want to be able to stay-at-home with my children and provide them as much of me as possible.

3. I want to pay down/off debt. Specifically, 1 credit card, 2 small auto loans, and HUGE student loans.

4. I want to be able to finance my children's education. I want to have options other than our local public schools.

5. I want to finance a family vacation. We have not traveled out of the tri-state area in over 6 years and it is time for an adventure!

Because of these goals; therefore, I will...

1. Add NO debt, period, by living a cash-only lifestyle.

2. Learn patience and the blessing of waiting.

3. Coupon, rebate, shop sales only for our groceries/toiletries.

4. NOT be brand or store loyal.

5. Garage sale, consignment shop, accept hand-me-downs greatfully.

6. Trust that God will provide for my needs and be content with what He provides.

***Our Updates - 1 car loan to be paid off in Mar/Apr!!! (Money from that car loan will go towards 2nd car loan to make it "snowball" faster.) A trip to FL is currently being planned for the first week of May!!! Schooling decisions to come in April... We had a cash-only, debt-free Christmas! Garage sale season is right around the corner! :)

I am blessed!

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