Monday, April 5, 2010

KMart's Super Doubles are Back, but I'm Not Going

OK, so KMart's super doubles are back this week but with a few new twists and turns.

1. You have to have a rewards card (which you can sign up at the register for). This card has to be presented BEFORE your order to track your coupons each day.

2. There is a strict limit of 5 coupons/day. This is tracked with the rewards card. (I called my closest KMart in Zanesville to confirm this.)

So, I won't be going. There is no reason for me to drive 1/2 hour for 5 coupons. If you have a KMart close to you, it may be worth your while. Just know and expect the limits before you shop.

1 comment:

  1. Guess they are really "learning a lesson" from the whole online coupon thing. Why even have the super doubles if they are brazen enough to limit it to FIVE a day. How ridiculous. I'm boycotting Kmart forever now.