Friday, April 2, 2010

My 2 Favorite Household Cleaners

Good Morning! I thought since spring has officially sprung and its cleaning time, I would share with you my two favorite household cleaners...

#1 is reusable, economical, environmentally safe, and scratch free. Any ideas?


I bought a 10 pack of these at Sam's club when I began my "no-chemical" cleaning journey due to my daughters allergies. They were app. $1/cloth.

I wet them, ring them out, and use them to scrub floors, appliances, dust, etc. I also use a dry cloth to polish my faucets and shine my mirrors. No chemicals, just some elbow grease and this'll be amazed at how well it works.

When they are dirty, just throw them in with a load of towels and wash. Make sure that you don't use fabric softener on them or they won't pick up as well. (I air dry mine.) 10 towels will last for years and years.

#2 is economical, non-toxic, grease-fighting, and tried-and-true. Any ideas?


Go to a dollar store and buy a plastic squirt bottle. Fill it 1/4 with white vinegar and the rest of the way with water. Give it a small shake and you are ready to go.

This cleaner busts through stove top grease, microwave messes, and shower soap scum (especially on glass doors). When you first spray this, it will smell, but when it dries, it does not smell at all. (The paper towels that are in your trash may smell, but trust me, your stove won't.)

You can refill your cleaning bottle for pennies when you run out. You don't have to make an emergency trip to the store for cleaning supplies; just pull open your pantry door and get started!

Happy cleaning!

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  1. Try white vinegar instead of fabric softener, too. 1/4 c per full load. If the clothes get staticky, wet your hands before you pull them out of the dryer. My clothes have been in such better shape since I've done this. And we've had allergy issues with softener. Vinegar is great stuff!