Friday, June 4, 2010

National Road Garage Sale

Well, for $13.30 I got a lot of good deals today. A few highlights:

2 basket set $3
Minnie dress with hoodie $1
Gymboree orange shirt .50
Lands End purple button up jackety thing .50
Boys AVIA shoes .50
Disney Scrapbook paper .50
Lightening McQueen alarm clock .50
LG Christmas sign (that I really LOVE btw) .50!!!
NEW porcelain dolls, on stands (my mother in law collects these and the kids wanted to get them for her upcoming birthday) .75/each

For those of you who don't know, Rt 40 (aka National Road) is having a HUGE sale this weekend. You can literally drive through multiple states for this sale. We chose to drive from Hebron, OH to Zanesville, OH and back. (Most of the good sales though are right off the road on side streets or in small country towns.)

The kids and I spent about 4 hours out and had a truly good time. There were many sales that we just drove right by, but my kiddos are good "kids stuff spotters."

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