Thursday, August 19, 2010

Realizing the Blessings of Virtual Education

Many of my bloggy friends have been complaining (i mean blogging) about the cost of back-to-school shopping. I will admit buying USB drives, white board cleaner, toilet paper, and all of the regular stuff does seem excessive. I would probably be complaining too if we had lists like that issued by the local district or even the private school we considered (plus uniforms, ugh!). However, we made a different choice this year for our kindergartner: public school done virtually at home.

The purpose of this post is not to debate our choices, but rather to point out how RELIEVED I am over NO supply list. I honestly had to make up one of my own to buy. It went like this: "Oh, you like those crayons, let's get some. And throw the erasers in the cart too!"

The only thing that I stocked up on was printer paper while Staples had the .01 promos. (Oh, and the 25 boxes of Crayolas from Kroger that I kept after donating almost 100 to our school supply drive...remember how they were earning me money?) Ok. Seriously. That's all. I'm feeling blessed, relieved, and thankful. Good luck with school this year!

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