Monday, November 1, 2010

It is Better to Give than to Receive

Today is day 1 of the 30-Day Giving Challenge. I absolutely loved participating in this last year. Some of my ideas for these 30 days in November are:

- Cleaning out the pantry for the food pantry
- Giving hubby a backrub (which takes both time and energy; a gift on my part)
- Making gifts for the hospital/nursery/pediatrics with the kids...
- Donate baby things to Heartbeats, a pregnancy center
- Offer a free couponing class
- Trip to Goodwill of donations
- Leave coupons on the shelf at the store
- Bring back neighbors trash cans
- Take flowers to elderly neighbor
- Operation Christmas Child boxes
- Buy angel tree gift
- Coupon booklets for the kids (movie night, hug, extra desert, etc)
- Gift of prayer; meeting a friend for coffee and prayer
- Giving a meal to a new mom; or a pregnant tired one
- Sharing a meal with someone new

In a book I was just reading, the authors were discussing how much more fulfilling life is when you die to self and spend your moments in service to others. Things become less complicated, you have a purpose, you become more content and satisfied.

This month, I will join other bloggers in dying to self and choosing to SEEK OUT ways to give. Some I will be able to share. Some will be so personal, I will not. But know this: when I stop thinking of myself and start thinking of others, I will be satisfied.

God is more than enough for me, my thirst, my needs, and He can use me to help others too! How awesome is that? Are you with me?


  1. Another idea is that Veterans day is in November, so the kids and I make something to take to our neighbors that are vets.