Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This week's shopping trips

Spent 41.19 for 41 items
Saved 40.79 per receipt
Included: peanut butter, taco kits, yogurt, capri suns, chicken tenders, apple juice, maple syrup, tic tacs , pizza rolls, goldfish crackers, frozen veggies, frozen breakfast items, carrots, bread, lunchmeat, salad, storage bags, etc.


Spent 22.78 for 36 items
Saved 64.59 (74%) per receipt
Included: 5 packs batteries, bananas, lunchmeat, ice cream, milk, margarine, pringles, popcorn, tuna pouches, canned pasta, canola oil, cookie mix, paper towels, 6 2 liters of soda, ritz crackers, etc.

Total for the week 63.97 for 169.35 of groceries. Overall savings of 105.38.

Check out the FREE tuna, canned pasta, and batteries at Kroger.
Check out the FRR Tic Tacs, 10/10 sales, and the 1/2 price Taco Bell items at Meijer.

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