Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know, I know, you don't need anymore toys in your house right? I really don't either.

BUT, how about using those 75% off toys for:

- Easter baskets

- Your kids birthdays

- Rainy days (think craft stuff)

- Gifts for friends birthday parties

- Donations for Toys for Tots programs

- Tooth Fairy treats

- Donations for school art teachers (think crafts again)

- Grade card rewards

I'm telling you, in the long run, it is WELL worth the trip!

(I can't take a picture of my haul today because my kids know how to access my blog...but it included: a Toy Story game, a Barbie mermaid doll, a Silvermist fairy doll with accessories, a Rapunzel birthday brush and mirror set, a new bath rug for .97, a Toy Story action figure two pack with bonus flashlight - all for under $20 total!)

(Our son also used his allowance/tooth money to buy the Toy Story 3 Dr Porkchop Spaceship that retailed for 49.99 for 12.48!) :)

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