Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life in Return-Land

Well, after this year's holiday returns, I have learned a few things...

1. I will faithfully shop at Kohl's. When they say, "no hassle returns," they mean it - and I like it! If only they didn't have a returns line...

2. Toys R Us can be tricky. We needed to return a Loving Family dollhouse piece that we had duplicates of. I had a gift receipt. Apparently, my MIL had scored the piece on a BOGO deal. Toys R Us claimed that it was the "free" one and gave me a really hard time exchanging it. (We did not want $$ back - just a new toy.) So glad that my 3 year old started to cry, because then FINALLY something got done. I will be careful with them next year - and I will be careful with gift receipts too; in this case it didn't help me one bit to have one.

3. Internet shopping is great, but make sure you don't have to return it. By the time I repackage, go to the post office, pay postage, and WAIT, I don't even want it anymore.

4. Target will not return or exchange without a receipt, period. The only exception is if you have the card that it was bought on and they can "look up" the item. Good thing I had my hubby on speed dial to recite his debit card number, or those too-small pj's would have haunted me forever!

5. TSC (Tractor Supply Company) = easy, breezy returns. No line, friendly, down-home people. It must be the farm thing, right? I loved the ease of this return (and the cute pjs I got on clearance today.)

How did your returning go?

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