Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - Hope Style (top Ten)

Happy 2010!!!

This year, I hope to:
1. Pray harder and for others - start a journal.
2. Pay off our car payments and snowball that money to student loans.
3. Have a family game night once a week and ENJOY IT!
4. Lose 20 pounds by eating less and moving more.
5. Go to Disney World (debt-free) with the 2 best kids in the world!
6. Stay more organized, overall.
7. Have once a month date nights with my man...who I still want to love when the kids are gone.
8. Say "no" more often (and lose the guilt over doing so.)
9. Eat out less.
10. Be less wasteful - start recycling more.

I am attempting to be realistic about these goals and want to make this the best decade ever! Here's to a great year!!!

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