Friday, January 8, 2010


At Christmas, my aunt was over here hunting for a tissue. "Where are your tissues," she asked? I replied, "Use tp; we don't keep tissues in the house." She was appalled. Had no idea how we "live like this." I cracked up (silently, of course) and thought to myself "since when are tissues a necessity of life?"

Tissues are one of the many luxuries that I have cut in order to make our grocery budget work.*** I have also cut high price cleaners (use a lot of baking soda), air freshners (only buy when they are free or less than .50 at CVS), name brand trash bags, lunch sacks (we use reusable ones now), etc.

I have cut way back on my purchase of paper towels as well. After reading this blog; however, I am considering cutting them altogether. We could do without paper towels and help our environment in the process...

What do you sacrifice to stretch (and stick to) your budget?

***Author's note: I will admit to buying a box or two of kleenex with lotion when we have sinus infections around here, but only if they are really bad :)

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