Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleaning Out!

I've been cleaning out the female kiddo's closet/dresser today. I also cleaned out (went through) the boxes of baby stuff that I've been keeping in the attic and decided to part with some more stuff that I am no longer weepy over. I have no idea where she is going to sleep tonight!!!

So far, I have:

  • A huge Kohl's bag to take to my friend Kelly (btw, I made a rule with myself that if I was given something, I can not resell it at a consignment sale or garage sale...I just don't feel right doing that...if someone blesses me with something, I pass it along.)
  • A pile of stuff we/Grandma bought to sell in a kids sale to go towards this summer's wardrobe/Disney vacation. (I use the money from the things I sell to outfit my kids for the next season...making our clothing purchases CASH-ONLY!)
  • A diaper box of baby boy clothes for my friend, Crystal, who just had her 5th child, and only, boy!
  • A full moving box full of more stuff to you think we will make enough to cover the gas money for our trip? I hope so...

Next step (but another day), the son's room...he has a bigger closet and more drawer did that happen? :)

Spring is on its way!

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