Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Tip Times Two!

Two quick tips for you readers out there:

1. Always check your magazines for coupons and remember to tear them out! This month in Parent's magazine, I found a coupon for $1 off Ronzoni Smart Pasta. This should make for some FREE or almost free product when matched with a sale.

2. Always scan your CVS card BEFORE you shop at the kiosk in CVS that spits out custom coupons based off of your card. You can get a $5/15 coupon sometimes. Yesterday, I got a coupon for $1 off of 2 Skippy peanut butter products. I thought that I would check the price to see if it was a good sale, and lo and behold, it was on 2/$3. My coupon made it 2/$2 ($1 each). Because we use so much peanut butter, $1 happens to be my stock up price, so I went ahead and purchased 2, even though they were not on my list. Sometimes you just can't pass up a good deal, so scan those cards!!!

Do you have any tips that you'd like to share? If so, post them in the comments's fun to learn from each other!

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