Saturday, March 20, 2010

My letter to KMart - Shame on you!

Here is a copy of the email that I sent KMart to defend myself and my friends who have tried to use their coupon and have failed (and been treated rudely, like criminals...)

"I am completely appalled at the way your company has handled the $10/20 coupon that was featured on YOUR website. I did not download/print/copy a fraudulent coupon, I simply printed a coupon that was available on your site.

Let's say that you made a mistake (since that's what you are saying), why not honor the coupons for those of us who legitimately printed them BEFORE you realized that you made a boo-boo. Your error is not my problem!

However, when you accuse me and my friends of being fraudulent or unethical in front of our impressionable children, then I am one mad mama! Shame on you, KMart, for not standing by what you say. In my mama world, we call that promise-breaking. You broke a promise and lost quite a few customers.

Hope Labutis"

If you had a problem with KMart, I would encourage you to email/call/write to them also. The more of us they hear from, the better! (I am to the point of even avoiding super doubles after this!)

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