Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Hot dogs with Chili, Chips, Strawberry Applesauce (I have a meeting I have to get to at 6:30!)
Tuesday: Daddy is teaching; hoping to meet him early at McD's for family night (kids meals are $1.99)
Wednesday: something easy as Daddy is teaching (mac and cheese - turned green, green jello w/fruit, green koolaid)
Thursday: pancakes with turkey sausage (didn't have last week)
Friday: hamburger on grill, baked beans, macaroni salad, carrot cake
Saturday: basil parmesean chicken with angel hair pasta and salad
Sunday: spaghetti pie with garlic bread
Breakfasts: doughnuts on Monday, Cereal, Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs, Granola Bars
Lunches: bologna or pb sandwiches, chef boyardee, grilled cheese and tomato soup, leftovers, bagel bites

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