Monday, September 21, 2009

Get Motivated Mondays

Hi Everyone! I am ready to start a new series called "Get Motivated Mondays." Every Monday, I will be sharing a personal challenge and something to motivate YOU for the week.

This week, I am feeling inspired by fellow bloggers "Coupon Geek" and "Moms by Heart" to get organized! See their posts on ways they have organized this week: (Just going to say that this pantry is AMAZING!) (Great work here on a garage and family car!)

This week I am going to tackle my main closet pantry. I will toss expired foods, donate things that we have abundance, and just plain SEE WHAT I HAVE! I may also bring up things from the basement pantry to fill it up. By Friday, I will post pics of my before and after and you can see the progress that the pantry has made.

My challenge to you: Find something to clean out. A closet, your car, garage, attic, cupboards, dresser drawers, whatever. Donate what you can. Make it look and feel pretty!

Let me know what you accomplished this week by leaving a comment. No comments = No readers... Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our new series: Get Motivated Mondays!

1 comment:

  1. I got a closet cleaned out, I actually did it Sunday before I read this, but was pretty excited to have it done. I'm enjoying your blog!