Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meijer Trip - Total $17.06

Sorry about the quality of this pic - something was wrong with the flash. Thankfully, Mark fixed it (yea, Mark!), so we shouldn't have this problem anymore. I am good with a budget, but technically challenged...

I purchased all of this food at Meijer for $17.06!

A few hightlights were:
Boneless, skinless, chicken breast at 1.99/lb
Kraft cheese - 1/2 price
Quaker Quakes - FREE after coupon
Super Pretzels - .36 after coupon
Kool-aid coolers - .69 after $5 off snack promotion

A few things that I learned from this trip:

Regardless of convience, it is always cheaper to buy a head of lettuce (.99) over bagged salad. The only exception that I make to this is when bagged is .79 or less.

Budgeting is good, but I wish I would have saved money to stock up on chicken - this is a fantastic price! So, if you have it in YOUR budget, RUN to Meijer for Tyson chicken!

Overall, I bought 16 items for 17.06. This is app. $1.06/item. According to my receipt, I saved 17.01 (or 50%).

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