Sunday, September 6, 2009

CVS - Profit of $2.13!

Today at CVS was questionable for me. Do I do separate transactions to use my ECBs with low OOP costs? Or do I shoot for $20 before coupons so I can use the $4 off $20 purchase? I chose the later and my OOP was higher than I usually spend. However, I earned more ECBs than what I spent, got some great deals, ate an awesome candy bar, and had an overall profit of $2.13! Here's how it all went down:

Transaction 1 (Only Transaction Today):
1 Aussie Scrunch Spray 2.99 (earned 2.00 ECBs)
2 Aussie Hi Hold Sprays 2.99 each (earned 4.00 ECBs)
1 Scope Outlast 3.49 (earned 2.50 ECBs)
1 Johnsons Softwash 5.99 (earned 2.00 ECBs)
1 Hersheys Bliss candy bar .89 (needed this to hit the $20 mark...)

Used $4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon (from asking about ready fill Rx program)
Used $1 man. coupon on Johnson's body wash
Used $7 in old ECBs (these were so old that they were ready to expire and I had to use them up!)

Total after tax OOP $8.37 (gasp - this is usually at max $1 for me!)

I earned $10.50 in ECBS as detailed above. Gaining a total profit of $2.13.

According to my receipt today I saved $18.40 between sales and coupons (this does not count the ECBs that I earned) and my year to date savings us $479.59. To think that I've already saved that much CVSing with pocket change!

Also, I shouldn't run out of hairspray for a while :) How did you do?

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