Friday, September 18, 2009

In My Opinion - A Pet is Money Well Worth Spending

We just had to put down our 12 year old English Bulldog last night. He was a loyal dog, loved our family, and was a laid-back kind of pet. You all know that I am obsessively frugal. I want to clarify that I believe that a pet is a great way to spend money. Dolph was a gift to our family. We received him when a friend was being transferred for work and couldn't take him along (he was 4). We had him through infertility, pregnancy bed rests, the birth of two children, and now the preschool years. I would do this all over again! So, in memory of Dolphie, I give you my Top Ten reasons to spend money on a pet:

10. A pet teaches your children responsiblity.
9. A pet is a home-security system.
8. A pet forces you to exercise and minimizes gym costs!
7. A pet is a counselor when you need one.
6. A pet can be free entertainment - they can be really funny :)
5. A pet keeps you warm when you are cold.
4. A pet eats your leftovers willingly (don't tell the vet I said this...)
3. A pet is always there when you come home.
2. A pet protects babies sleeping in cribs.
1. A pet adds to your family dynamic by giving love, companionship, and loyalty.

We miss you, Dolphie. You were a good dog!

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