Monday, October 12, 2009

Saving = Giving More

One of the many reasons I love to save, is that it enables my family to be able to use our resources to give more freely. I love filling the food pantry basket at church with freebies or nearly-frees and helping out our local community. I also like to be able to use the money that we save to give to families in crisis that we know. There is nothing more rewarding than leaving an anonymous gift of cash, gift cards, or a sack of groceries on a friends porch!

This year, one of the ways that I plan on including my children in giving this Christmas season is through Operation Christmas Child. I think that they will have fun filling their boxes for little boys and girls just like them... I like to use these moments as "teaching moments" for my kids, to foster life-long giving, self-sacrifice, and appreciation for what we have been blessed with. Following is the link for how you can help fill a box for a child in need and spread a little Chritsmas cheer around the world! Will you join us?


  1. Kidlet and I picked up our box and list this past Sunday :D When he heard about it he begged me to do it! I was very happy about that. He is so excited making a list of things he might like to give to a kiddo!

  2. We also made lists today and got a little carried away in Wmart! I am hoping to use some of my CVS freebies (Toothbrushes, paste, and soap) to use up some's amazing how much you can fill in there! Then, it will be to Dollar Tree we go. Kiddos desperately want to send "bubbles" but our list says "no liquids." :)Have fun with this!