Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Ten Homemade Gifts

In the spirit of Christmas, I give you my personal Top Ten Homemade Gifts! Hopefully this will inspire you to create something for someone you love this year...

10. Coupon Booklets (I have done a pizza of the month book, a baked good of the month book, babysitting, housecleaning, backrub books, etc.)

9. Soup in a Jar/Coffee in a Jar (Many forms of dried beans can be layered in mason jars for a nice gift as well as gourmet coffee mixes.)

8. Embroidered Tea Towels or Bread Cloths (Does anyone realize how much TIME goes into cross-stitching? If that doesn't say love, I don't know what does!)

7. Personalized Notecards/Notepads (Using computer or stamping skills you can make adorable gifts for friends and family to enjoy.)

6. Homemade Ornaments (Go beyond pasta angels and let your creativity flow using paper products to create masterpieces that will be treasured for years - need inspiration - hit the library!)

5. Fresh Baked Bread (Wrapped in a tea towel and tied with a bow, fresh bread makes a thoughtful and useful gift!)

4. Felt Food for Kids Kitchens (Use felt to create: fried eggs, pancakes with butter, sandwiches, etc. for your little friends play time.)

3. Scrapbooked Calendars (Everyone needs a calendar; why not one filled with photos of great memories?)

2. Hairbows/Headbands for Little Princesses (These are the rage right now and can be super easy to make and enjoy.)

1. Heartfelt Words (Absolutely NOTHING beats a well-written letter or poem about how much or why you love/admire/respect someone. Need to get a little classier? Have it printed on parchment paper and framed for a gift. I received this for my birthday and it beat out anything bought in a store.)

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...love the ones you've been blessed with well...

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  1. I've been doing calendars for my husbands family for years...we need 13 to have one for each family and you can get them pretty cheap on snapfish if you use the right coupons...and each copy after the first copy are discounted. We are able to take care of his entire family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc this way pretty cheaply and everyone looks forward to getting them. It takes time and effort, especially since I have to get pictures from so many people, but it is so much cheaper it's worth it to me.