Tuesday, November 24, 2009

$9 Glasses!!!

Please go HERE to visit my friend, John's, site and see how he purchased perscription glasses for only $9!

His site @ Johnopolis encourages DIY projects, budgeting, and great finance tips. John and his family are currently working through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. They reside in Haskins, OH.

Thanks, John, for allowing me to share your site and your savings!


  1. As an optician I would really discourage purchasing your glasses online. I have had several patients come in with glasses the purchased online. Some were okay simply because they had simple prescriptions...others were not! Wearing the wrong prescription may not be immediately noticeable to the person wearing them, but can cause eye strain and problems in the future. I would suggest purchasing your glasses from an optical retailer that can assure your rx is correct and that can offer warranties and such for your glasses in case anything should happen to them. Really...how good can your frame be if you paid $9.00 for your glasses??? Buy once and make a sound investment and you will save money in the long run! Those are my two (or ten) cents!

  2. Thanks, Jessica, for the advice. Thankfully, my DH has excellent optical insurance and I pay nothing for my glasses! I thought that this was a good option for someone who wears glasses for reading only or as a back-up to contacts...I could be (probably am) wrong, as I am not a medical professional. I am glad to see your opinion and please, keep them coming! :) Happy Thanksgiving all!