Saturday, November 21, 2009

FREE Christmas Cards

I just ordered 100 FREE Christmas photo cards through the website

I used a promo code of "newbaby" to get the first 50 5x7 cards free.

Then, I placed a second order with the promo code "freebies4mom-1109" to get 50 more 4x6 cards free.

According to my receipts, the order will be delivered in 3 days via FedEx!

This offer expires today. It is well worth your time. I didn't even pay shipping or tax and my order was $65 worth of merchandise!

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for the heads-up on this deal!


  1. I tried to do the see here cards, but when I went to paypal, it was all in chinese or something, so I backed out of it. Hope it works for you! It was charging me for shipping.

  2. I got them for absolutely nothing - didn't even have to pay tax. Sorry that it didn't work for you; I'd try again if the offer is extended (rumors were that it would be til the 30th.) Good Luck!