Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update on the 30 Day Giving Challnege

You may have noticed that I have been absent this week. I apologize for not being here - but I am greatful that I could be "there" for a dear friend who lost her mother Monday evening. Please know my heart and that by sharing this that I am not boasting, but acknowledging God's work through me and my willingness to be His hands this week.

I spent most of Monday evening/Tuesday early morning at the hospital with my friend and her family hoping for a miracle and then, grieving a terrible loss. For those of you who are familiar with Strengths Finder, my number 1 strength is empathy; therefore, I too felt the loss right long with them, and I felt it hard. It brought back a lot of memories of loss in my own life...but I am so glad that I was there!

Tuesday I spent the day making calls for meal plans to provide the family with meals for the next three weeks. The responses were overwhelming - so many people offered to help!

Wednesday I started work on the funeral meal, had church, and a little time with the kids...

Thursday was the shopping extravaganza for my son's 5th birthday party... Yes, my baby is 5! Our family also went to the funeral home for calling hours.

Friday was the funeral dinner until about 3 and Grant's party started at 6! Our pastor dressed up as Woody from Toy Story and our worship leader and his weife were Buzz and Jessie! It was priceless... Our church is truly a community of family.

Today, I am still in my jammies at 3:18 pm, enjoyed a movie with the family, and am going to a Thanksgiving meal with friends tonight.

I'm really tired, but thankful for my life and my friends who are my family...I am blesssed!

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