Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Recovering

I am still recovering from Black Friday shopping...Here is the low-down:

Kohls @ 4 AM: left without buying anything b/c the line to check out was a 3 hour wait!
Target: went to score the 19.99 DVD player for the in-laws as their's wasn't working on Thanksgiving day
Toys R Us: they were out of the Princess baby that I wanted, but I did score a science kit, moon sand, and a VSmile 3 workbooks that were NOT on my list :)
Fashion Bug: went in for the 6.99 doorbuster sweaters and bought a LOT; in fact I am taking 2 things back on Thursday.
Elder Beerman: a HUGE surprise for my hubs (who s a subscriber) and a set of towels for my aunt
John Deere Store at the Mall: new hat and 2 pr socks for my JD boy! (not oin sale eiether)
CVS: robe for my mom-in-law
Meijer: couple cheapies for my hubs - most everything I had my eye on was gone by the time we got there.

Then on Saturday, I went back to Kohls, to Tractor Supply, and to WalMart. Paid a little bit more for what I needed, but it was worth it! (And, did I mentioned that I paid with CASH?) :)

I think that I am almost done with Christmas shopping. Hoping that wrapping goes as easily!

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