Friday, November 20, 2009

Fab Five on Friday

Fab Five on Friday

1. The day after Thanksgiving, Old Navy is having a sale on adult jeans $15; kids jeans $10!

2. Keebler’s is offering a $10 toy voucher (check) when you purchase 5 boxes of their specially marked Christmas cookies. Go HERE for details.

3. All You magazine is offering a 2 year subscription for $29 through!!! For those of you who are not aware, each issue contains well over that amount of coupons alone!

4. I found a new blog this week that I LOVE! Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge feeds her family of 6 for $60/week – that’s what I’m talking about!

5. From the gals at UCreate, a potential Grandma gift at our home. Check out the magnetic recipe holder here.

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