Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cheap Weekends

Here is a list of my Top Ten things to do for cheap weekend fun!

10. Get a Redbox movie, pop some corn, and have a family movie night. Two free codes are: DVDONME and BREAKROOM. Otherwise, you pay just $1 for a fun-family night.

9. Eat out at a restaurant where kids eat free on weekends. A good family place is Steak N Shake (and the kids get cute packets to color and free crackers while you wait for your meal.)

8. Visit a local Farmer's Market to browse and shop for fresh produce/baked goods. The larger markets can be both a feast for your tummy and your eyes. :)

7. Visit a local museum. Where I live, we ask for a local children's science museum membership as a Christmas gift. It gives back to our local economy, fuels my children's growing minds, and gives us free entertainment throughout the year. With our membership, we can visit hundreds of other science centers throught the US for free.

6. Visit a local park or metropark to walk, bike, feed ducks, and play. Pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it!

5. See how far you can get on a tank of gas (or a half tank). We have made "free" trips to public beaches on Lake Erie for gas only. If you pack snacks in a cooler and sand toys, you can have a great adventure for little money. In Ohio, there are many places of beauty for free or minimal admission.

4. Have a family library day. Don't be rushed. Take time to play computer games, read a few books in the library snuggled in a chair, and pick some fresh music for your week. Leave with a free movie and you've got your evening planned also...

3. Spend quality time with your friends. Organize a pot luck dinner. Play cards. Blow up the kiddie pool and let your kids make friendships that will last as long as yours have.

2. Have a family campfire in your backyard's fire pit. Make smores and tell stories. If you feel really adventurous, sleep in your backyard and watch the stars.

1. Organize a game night for LOTS of friends. Invite families. Have everyone bring a snack to share and play group games like Scene-It, Charades, Catch Phrase, Cards, etc. We used to do this regulary and I truly miss it. Our Game Nights would really draw a diverse crowd : singles, students, seniors, toddlers, teens, baby-boomers, and babysitters! It was great fun, cheap, and a night of laughter with minimal cleanup.

Here's to a good weekend! Let me know what you did to enjoy yours!!!

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  1. Help...I can't figure out how to use the free Redbox codes.