Sunday, August 23, 2009

The CVS Game

Before I post my CVS trip from today, I wanted to take a minute to explain the "rules" of CVS-ing to all of my new friends in blog-land...

FIRST, sign up for a CVS card if you don't have one already! Do it today; you won't regret it!!!The following rules apply to card holders...

1. Check the bottom of your receipt for store coupons. Example: I received a $2 off Huggies wipes coupon on the bottom of my receipt last week, which I used today to score some Princess wipes for my princess for .99! :)

2. Use ECB's to your advantage - roll them, baby! (What are ECB's you ask? Extra Care Bucks are coupons that print on the bottom of your receipt that can be used as CASH in the store. You can stack ECBs with manufacturers coupons to maximize your savings. If you have a $2.00 ECB and need milk, it's free! Or you want a candy bar for that matter...) When I say to roll them, what I mean is to always try to walk out of the store with what you started with. If you started with $5 ECB's today; see if you can earn $5 or more for next time. You can only do this by smart shopping of the CVS sales as not every item earns you ECB's immediately.

3. Periodically (once a quarter) you will receive ECB's on the bottom of your receipt as a bonus based off of what you spent in the store. This is BONUS MONEY! Woot-woot!

4. Use your ECB card for perscription pick-ups. For every 2 Rx's you fill at CVS, you earn $1 BONUS MONEY!

5. Shop the ad to find out which products are offering ECB's back. Purchase those products if you need them. If they are completely FREE or a MONEYMAKER, you can purchase them to donate to a food pantry, women's shelter, or school supply drive. Overall, though, try not to buy things that you will not use. We are not trying to be horders; we are trying to responsibly feed, clean, and care for our families.

6. Think outside of the drugstore box. You can buy grocery items at CVS at great prices.

7. When you really score, share your deals with like-minded friends. We can all root each other on!!!

Check back soon for a picture and see how I got paid to shop at CVS this week!

If you are looking for additional informationon the ECB program, I would encourage you to check out Keeping the Kingdom First's $5 CVS Weekly Challenge. She shows you for how to maximize your products and savings for $5 or less out of pocket every week. I learned a lot from Alyssa at this site and I love to see what deals she found that I may have overlooked.



  1. Pics or it didn't happen. Just kidding. The blog is great, keep it up.

  2. Working on the pics right now, John! :)

    By the way, you have a great site.

    Have a super day!

  3. Go to the pharmacy (even if you don't use it) and ask about auto refills. They will give you a $25 coupon book.

  4. got the book - and put my birth control on auto refill. thanks for the tip!