Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This week in groceries...

I try to stick to a $55/week grocery budget. If I go over one week, it's not a deal and I just spend less the next week. My monthly average is around $200 - 220. This week I went over due to the KMart super doubles sale (I don't have pics of this, sorry.) What I bought was $130 before coupons and $51 after coupons. Pretty much everything I bought was toiletries, pull-ups, medication, and cleaning supplies. This bounty will last me for months! Very little I had to do a grocery run. I will probably skip a week of shopping due to my big KMart run.

Here are my two grocery trips and totals for the week.

Carnival Foods had a nice 3 day sale. I bought a lot of FUN stuff for lunches, some soda for the hubs, and some cheap but nice fresh produce. Here is a picture of my items.

Note the sweet corn for .15/ear and the beautiful fresh green beans at .78/lb. The cereal was 50% off and I had a $1 off 2 manufacturer's coupon. The tuna was on special for .39/can. The soda was .68/2 liter (and, yes, it is name-brand). Kraft mac and cheese (the blue box) was on special for .48 - limit 6. I bought all 6 boxes. My total for these 34 items was $27.68 after coupons. According to my receipt, I saved $38.00 in sales, promotions, and coupons.

Next, I hit our local Aldi for a few stock up items. They had out favorite chicken packets back in stock, so I splurged and bought 6 to stick in the freezer at .99/each. I purchased 2 butters for baking, Canola oil, and 2 margarines. We needed paper towels and dryer sheets (I am addicted to the Alsi brand and won't even think of using Bounce anymore...) My daughter's favorite Caesar salad was marked down to .99, so I thought we'd have it with some grilled leftover chicken for tomorrow's lunch...YUM! There is also bread, cheese, and English muffins for mini pizza night. I purchased these 18 items for $23.36. I am now set for the week.

FYI - if you are wondering why we didn't buy any milk...we have SO MUCH MILK from last week's Kroger promotion with Keebler/Kelloggs (we got 4 free gallons!)

The total of these 2 trips was $51.04. I am done for the week, no matter what! :)

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